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The Lucy's Legacy Foundation was formally known as the Wheelock College Endowment Fund. The original fund started with the sale of The Lucy Wheelock Child Care Center in Roxbury, MA. The school was the opportunity for those followers and students “to walk the walk” of Lucy Wheelock’s commitment to developmental theory, observance of best practice, philosophy, and standard of excellence. The proceeds of the sale were awarded to the Wheelock College Endowment Fund for grants and scholarships. The practice continued up until the merger with Boston University in 2018. Recognizing the importance of these scholarships and grants, and in particular, the autonomy of which they were awarded; the Alumni Association reached out to thousands of alums for a confirming vote that the monies and the independence remain with alumni members. Hence, the inception and creation of the Lucy's Legacy Foundation.
Because of the effort, energy, enterprise, and time to establish this dream; our initial late spring offering was in the form of scholarships awarded to eligible students in the Wheelock/BU program. This year, with new committee members, regular connections with Dean Chard and B.U. representatives and legal clarity; we will begin to award the grants up to $3,500. With an attractive and inclusive logo, an acquired domain name and e-mail address and a comprehensive website; we look forward to awarding grants, once more. Using examples from the prior Marjorie Wolf Memorial Grant recipients, we developed the template for the application process.

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