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Board of Directors

Shannon Joseph Fairley- Pittman, Ed.D is a committed professional that works to inspire a world of good. He graduated from Wheelock College in 2008 where he studied elementary education, arts, and human services and received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Soon thereafter, Dr. Fairley-Pittman attended Northeastern University where he studied College Student Development and Counseling and received a Master’s of Science degree in 2010.

Dr. Fairley-Pittman professional tenure has ranged from supporting LBGTQA+ students at MIT, teaching event planning and networking skills to local Boston residents at Roxbury Community College and facilitating and supporting a robust living learning community for residents at Boston University and now Northeastern University. Dr. Fairley-Pittman has been at Northeastern for eight years where he has served as the Assistant Director for the Opportunity Scholarships and Outreach Programs serving 250 first generation college students who received the TORCH, Boston Public, and Gates Millennium scholarships which allowed access for scholars of color to attend a top tier private institution. Recently he served as the Senior Assistant Director of Student Engagement within the Center for Student Involvement where he was aiding students through leadership development and large-scale event planning.

Dr. Fairley-Pittman has been committed to advocating for students through avenues of student success, scholarships, college readiness, and community engagement his entire career. He has served as a member at large for the Massachusetts College Personnel Association (MCPA) and is the past President of the Wheelock College Alumni Association and Board of Trustees member and currently serves on the Boston University Board of Trustees Academic Affairs sub-committee due to the recent Wheelock College merger in 2018. At BU Wheelock, Dr. Fairley-Pittman is still active with the alumni community and serves as Chair of the Alumni Awards Committee and member of the ad-hoc Lucy's Legacy Foundation. His passion for advocating for marginalized student populations, specifically first-generation college students, has led him into a Doctor of Education program focusing on Organizational Leadership at Northeastern University which he completed in Spring 2020. Along with his research on first generation college students, Dr. Fairley-Pittman has been mentoring nine first generation college students who attend local Boston institutions including but not limited to Northeastern University, Boston College, UMass Boston, and Wentworth Institute of Technology in support of their Red Pine Scholarship which is affiliated with the Boston Foundation.

Currently, Dr. Fairley-Pittman serves as the Associate Director of the University Honors Program at Northeastern University. In this role, Dr. Fairley-Pittman is in on the leadership team and supports the advancement of 3,000 Honors students as they navigate the resources and opportunities that aid in their exploration of interdisciplinary course selection, faculty mentorship and research development, leadership roles, and a supportive learning environment complemented with robust academic advising.

Dr. Shannon J Fairley-Pittman: Meet the Team
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